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Ranger’s Globe Life Park Stadium in Arlington Proposal – Tyler and Becca

Ranger’s Globe Life Park Stadium in Arlington Proposal – Tyler and Becca

Alright guys, so I’m about to share all of the AWESOME details with you about this proposal! Here we go! It started off with Michelle (the owner of both Peyronet Photography and the Purple Pebble Photography) sending me the inquiry email that was sent in from this proposal. When we both saw that it was at The Globe Life Park Stadium in Arlington, we got so excited!! So I called Tyler immediately and we ended up chatting about how he was planning the surprise to happen and what he was looking for and such. We discussed how this whole thing was going down by it being a “work out-ing/tour of the stadium,” and the employers could bring their dates. He told me that basically, I needed to pretend to be a coworker that was joining on this tour. After talking a little bit more about it, we decided to drag my fiance John into this, by him being the coworker and me- his date!! A couple days went by from that initial conversation and Tyler called me and said, “Hey, do you go to Watermark Community Church?” I replied with a yes, finding out that SO DOES HE AND BECCA!!!!! We were afraid that we might have served in the same kids ministry area, but turns out, I did not remember ever hearing her full name, and I went to creep on their Facebook’s and had never seen their faces either! Whew, was that close!! The evening before the big proposal day, John and I met up with Tyler at Watermark to finally meet, so it would not be too awkward that “coworkers” had never met each other. We did some final planning and brainstorming that night and then it was GAME DAY!! Friday comes along, and it was RAINING!!! But that did not stop us! We all met at the designated place at the designated time and luckily we had church to talk about instead of “work..” haha! We began the tour and it was really awesome, if I might add! As we got onto the field, my stomach had so many butterflies and I could not even imagine what it felt like to be Tyler!! We had the plan to have him and Becca playing catch and then when I was ready he was going to “accidentally” drop the ball somewhere far where they could not reach it, that way he could grab the other ball in the bag that asked the big question!! We thought it was going to maybe take a while before she realized what was written on the ball, but NO! “Will you marry me?” was what she saw on the first throw!! And the rest is of course, all of the explaining and revealing the lies that were told! I re-introduced myself to her and she was so excited! Thank you so much Tyler for asking John and I to help you surprise the love of your life on such a special day! We are so grateful!! Lots of love, Hayle!!

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