After years of being a single primary photographer studio, Michelle Peyronet changed her mind… It was always just her and a second photographer shooting weddings. She had entertained the idea of training associate photographers in the past, but it was never the right time or the right fit. Thankfully after much consideration and time to think through this possible addition, The Purple Pebble Photography came to life.

Dallas Fort Worth Photographer


Primary Photographer for The Purple Pebble

My name is Hayle and I am the photographer that you will get to know when we first meet during your consultation. I am the girl that will do silly things to make you and your fiance laugh during your engagement session. I am the one that might tear up a bit during your bridal session because you look so beautiful. And I am the one that will capture your wedding day from beginning to end with one goal in mind: to photograph the moments that your special day has to offer so that when you look back on them, you can experience the same joy you had on one of the best days of your life…

Dallas Fort Worth Business Owner & Photographer


Owner & Photographer for Peyronet Photography

My name is Michelle Peyronet Jones, that is pronounced PAY-ro-nay. It is my middle name, my mother’s maiden name, and a very cool piece of my family history. I am hometown girl, born in Dallas, raised in Arlington where I currently live with my husband, Brad, our super energetic puppy, Maggie, and our baby boy, Joseph!!!!

what's the meaning behind the name


Michelle and her husband Brad have had a stuffed penguin named Fuzzy since 2005. Fuzzy would travel with them everywhere they would go and along the way, Fuzzy became their family mascot and many special moments were shared between them and Fuzzy. For instance, when Brad would go out of town, Michelle would hide Fuzzy in his suitcase. Another time was when Fuzzy was included in how he proposed to Michelle, placing the ring on the penguin's foot. When it was time to decide what to name her associate brand, Michelle did tons of research. Finding out that penguins are monogamous, meaning they have the same mate their whole life, she knew immediately that she wanted to implement penguins into the name. In further research she found out that male penguins search for the smoothest and most perfect pebble for their intended mate and once he's selected it, he presents it as his sign of commitment to her. What a beautiful representation of couples getting engaged and committing themselves to one another. With all this in mind, she decided to name her company "The Purple Pebble," with the logo being penguins. (Oh, and purple, well, because it's her favorite color!) :)