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Dallas Arboretum Engagements | Courtney & Ryan

Dallas Arboretum Engagements – Courtney & Ryan

This session proves that when scheduling a portrait session, that you should always pick two dates because of the fact that you need a back up date!! The day we initially scheduled for had a chance of thunderstorms during the time we planned to photograph, so thankfully we picked the following week for a back up/rain date and I am so glad we did. The weather on the day we actually photographed was PERFECT!! Although a lot of people would believe that a sunny day would be the best weather to photograph in, I personally love the cloudy days better!! The clouds act like a giant reflector that casts a gorgeous glow on the subjects. Courtney & Ryan were awesome during this session. I wanted to be a little bit more picky about things this day, so I would say, “Okay, stand here for me and do this.” Then when I would get ready to photograph, I’d see something about it that I knew could be better, so I’d have to say, “Just kidding, let’s do this instead.” But I love how they just went with the flow and trusted that I would only give them my best. My favorite part about this session was that this was actually the first time we met in person. Courtney and I had our consultation over FaceTime, due to conflicting schedules. I love how we connected right of the bat. This session was super fun and super sweet, and as you can tell, they’re SUPER in love. So excited for the big day! Lots of love, Hayle!!

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